Device Setup


Setup instructions

To use the gyro function effectively, please attach in a position where the direction indicator mark faces forward.

The direction indication mark must face the traveling direction, it can be at any angle as long as the mark faces forward.

If the direction of travel and the direction indication mark are not aligned, the gyro function can not be used correctly.

Magnet Setup

Attach so that the magnet can be detected at the magnetic force detection area. Refer to “Magnetic Force Detection Mode” for confirming whether the magnet is detected correctly at the installed position.

Attach the magnets using the fixing holes. The fixing hole can pass through a tie up to 4.8 mm in width and 1.3 mm in thickness.

How to Use the Mounting Bracket

Align the bolt and the nut, then turn the bolt to fix LOG-1 and the mounting bracket.
You can install parallel to the mounting bracket by aligning the lug on the mounting bracket.