LED Indicator on LOG-1


LED Indication Patterns for LOG-1 Status

Please check the following table for LOG-1’s status via its LED indicator.

Logging Mode Sleep Mode
Normal Green (Blink) Off
Without Setting Time ※1 Green (Blink High Freq.)
No Battery (Approx. 2.0V or Less) ※2 Red
Low Battery (Approx. 2.0V~2.1V) Red (Blink High Freq.)
Low Memory Orange / Green (Blink Alternately)
  • Blink : Every 3 sec
  • Blink High Freq. : Every 0.5 sec
  • ※1 : Will not notify “Without Setting Time” error during logging mode.
  • ※2 : Logging will stop if battery runs out.

LED Indication Patterns During User Operation

Please check the following table for the LED indication patterns during user operation.

Behavior Operation LED Pattern Remarks
Start Logging Press 3 sec Green 3 sec The LED turns green for 3 seconds. Logging starts moment the LED turns off.
Magnet Detection Mode Click twice Press the button twice quickly to enter magnet detection mode. After 20 seconds the device will automatically exit magnet detection mode and return to sleep mode.
Not Detected Green
Detected Red
Connected to PC Application
Configured with PC Application
Green Blink twice Blinks when connected to PC application or configured via the PC application.
Erase Data Click 5 times / Erase with PC App Orange