Select video for editing


Select video for editing

  1. Start XON LOG-1 Overlay Movie Exporter.
  2. Click “Create Overlay Movie”.
  3. Click “Change Folder” and select the imported video folder. See also [Import data].
  4. The videos in the folders will be loaded, select a video to edit.
  5. Click the “Next” button.
  6. Proceed to “Editing Movies”.

*If you select multiple consecutive videos (the movie files may be divided into one or more recording depending on the camera model and settings), you can use as a single movie.
*For REC-1 videos, the GPS file is also automatically loaded.


  • If you have not set the time on LOG-1 or the camera, you may not find the data matches.
  • The created-time of the video may be in UTC time or local time depending on the camera model. Please select the check box “Load video by UTC timezone” if necessary.
  • Supported video formats: MP4, MOV (AVC / H.264) and an aspect ratio of 16: 9 (Horizontal)