Editing Movies : Overlay Configuration


Set up the overlay from the Overlay Settings button.

Data point configuration (Display Data)

Configure each data point.


  • Checkbox controls
    To change the display state of each data point.
    · LOG-1 sensor data: grayed out if checked OFF
    · GPS (route, altitude, speed) Various: hidden if checked OFF.
    *Information will be hidden when no characters are entered.
    *Date parts can not be changed.
  • Labels
    You can edit the item labels for each data point.
  • Devices
    If you use more than one LOG-1 at the same time, you can select a device for each part.
    Please refer to the advanced version details. [Editing Movies: Advanced Guide]

Unit Settings, peak (Option)


  • Speed ​​Unit
    You can switch between kilometers and miles per hour.
  • Altitude Unit
    You can switch between meters and feet.
  • Peak
    If Check box is ON, you can change the color of the parts during the movie, that exceed the threshold you set.
    * Speed ​​peak (maximum per hour display) is also available.
    * In the case of Auto speed peak, it is automatically calculated from the maximum value in the range of the movie.