Basic Specifications

Sensors 6-Axis Sensor (3D-Acceleration + 3D-Gyroscope)
Atmospheric Pressure / Temperature
Water Resistance IPX4
Battery CR2032
Size W40 x H55 x D12(mm) / 1.6″ x 2.2″ x 0.5″
Weight 28(g) / 0.99(oz)
※ Without cables and batteries.

Battery Duration

Standby Mode Approximately 2 weeks
Logging Up to 7 days
  • Will vary depending on the surrounding environment such as temperature.
  • Will not start logging if maximum memory capacity has been reached.

About Memory Capacity

Max. Logging Count Max. 64 Times
Max. Sample Numbers Approximately 860,000 Samples

Sampling Ratio Total Recordable Time
12.5 Samples / sec (Every 80ms) Approximately 19 hrs
1 Sample / sec (Every 1000ms) Approximately 240 hrs
    • These values are the maximum values without erasing data.
    • If either maximum value is reached, logging will not continue, please extract and erase data to start logging again.
    • Please set sampling ratio via the PC application.