XON LOG-1 Utility


XON LOG-1 Utility

This utility controls LOG-1 data reading, deletion and performing device settings.


  • Remove the rubber cap and connect the body to a PC with a USB cable.
  • Start the XON LOG-1 Utility.

Screen details

①Scan Device
Search for connected LOG-1 device.
* You can detect only one device at a time.

②Read Data -> PC
Reads the sensor data saved on the device and saves to the PC.
Saved data is formatted as a comma-delimited text file.
*If you change the file name or file contents, XON LOG-1 Overlay Movie Exporter may be unable to use the file.

③Delete Device Data
All data contained on the LOG-1 will be erased.
*Once erased, data can not be recovered.

④Sensor Option
Sensor settings (see below “Sensor Options screen”)

⑤Set Device Time
Use current time on the PC and set it on LOG-1.

Exit the Utility.

Change the destination folder of saved data.
*Existing data is not automatically moved if you change the folder.
*XON LOG-1 Overlay Movie Exporter will need to search the specified LOG-1 data folder.

Displays the online manual / version information.
The online manual will open in a browser window.
*To view the PC must be connected to the Internet.

⑨Device display
View the connected device name.
[Short Device Name]([Serial Number])

Short Device Name “Device + number” the numeric part is calculated as each device connected to the PC.
Serial Number The device serial number set at the factory (20 digits).

Sensor Options


①Sampling Rate

Total recordable time
12.5 samples / sec
(80ms interval)
Recommend for video data overlay. About 19 hours
1 sample / sec.
(1000ms interval)
Recommend for text file viewing. About 240 hours

② Use Magnet Sensor
If you disable the magnet sensor, you will not be able to retrieve some data (approach, rotation speed, counter).
Power consumption will decrease a little if you do not use the magnet sensor.
(For more information about the battery consumption time, please refer to  LOG-1 specifications.)

Save the configuration changes and close the window.

Close the window without saving the configuration changes.