Install PC applications

Application download

Please download from this link and install.

Application PC Requirements

LOG-1 uses Windows applications for changing device settings and exporting movies.
PCs that meet the following specifications are required to use this product.

Components Specifications
OS Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (recommended)
Memory 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
HDD free space (for installation) 1GB or more
Graphics DirectX11 or greater
USB port USB 1.1 or higher (1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0)
Display 960×768 or higher
  • Operation is not guaranteed for all PC environments.
  • The above OS must be installed at factory shipment.
  • We can not guarantee the operation in the multi-boot environment.
  • Other applications may affect operation.
  • Depending on the content of the work, the required PC specifications differ.
  • It is recommended to use various drivers with the latest version.
  • Company name, product name, service name listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company

How to download and install applications

  1. Open “XonLog1_Setup_1.x.x.exe” with administrative privileges.
  2. Read the application licensing terms link (software license) and check the check box, then click the install button.
  3. Click on “Yes” to confirm.
  4. Installation will begin. (Installation time may vary depending on the speed of your PC)
  5. When the installation is complete click “Close”.
  6. Shortcut icons for the two applications will be displayed on the desktop.

LOG-1 Applications

XON LOG-1 Utility

Application for extracting and deletion of LOG-1 of settings and data.

XON LOG-1 Overlay Movie Exporter

Application for combining data LOG-1 has obtained and overlaying data onto recorded video.

XON LOG-1 Date Correction

This application can be used to correct the date and time of videos/LOG-1 files.

Battery Installation

  1. Loosen the screw and remove the battery cover.
  2. Please insert the battery cell so that the plus side of the battery cell is facing the cover.
  3. After inserting the battery cell, attach the battery cover again and tighten the screw.
・If the battery cover is not installed properly, there is a danger of water entering the device.
・Inserting the battery incorrectly may damage the equipment.
・Battery life is typically about 1 week during recording, about 2 weeks in sleep mode.
・Please be careful not to lose the screw of the battery cover.
・When loosening the screw, please use a number 0 Phillips screwdriver. (If you use an incorrect screwdriver you may cause damage to the screw head)

Connecting with a PC

  1. Remove the rubber cap and connect to a PC with the supplied Micro USB cable.
  2. To disconnect from a PC, remove the USB cable and attach the rubber cap again.
・If the rubber cap is not installed properly, there is a danger of water entering the device.
・Batteries cannot be charged via USB power.
・Features (such as logging etc.) cannot be used when connected to a PC.
・Please use the device under USB 1.1.

Set device time

LOG-1 sensor data and videos captured by the camera are combined in the PC application. In order to prevent the mismatched video and sensor data, you will need to match both the time of the camera and LOG-1 before sensor data acquisition.

Please note, the camera and LOG-1 may not be able to synchronize exactly via setting the device time. Please see [How to synchronize exactly] for a more accurate method of synchronization.

Adjust the time on the camera

Please refer to the time adjustment in accordance with the instructions of the camera being used.
If you are using REC-1, you can set the time by connecting LOG-1 and REC-1. Please refer to the REC-1 manual page for more information.

Adjust the time on LOG-1

  1. Install the application on a PC.
    (Click here for how to install.)
  2. Insert a button battery into LOG-1. If time has not been set before, the LED will flash green.
    (Click here for how to insert the battery.)
  3. Remove the front cover of the main body and connect to a PC.
    (Click here for how to connect.)
  4. Start the XON LOG-1 Utility.
  5. Connect LOG-1 to the PC, and click “Scan Device”.
  6. If a device is recognized, click “OK”.
  7. Click “Set Device Time” to set the time.
  8. Click the “OK” button.
  9. Confirm that the LED is not blinking and click the “Close” button to close the Utility.

Device Setup

Setup instructions

To use the gyro function effectively, please attach in a position where the direction indicator mark faces forward.

The direction indication mark must face the traveling direction, it can be at any angle as long as the mark faces forward.

If the direction of travel and the direction indication mark are not aligned, the gyro function can not be used correctly.

Magnet Setup

Attach so that the magnet can be detected at the magnetic force detection area. Refer to “Magnetic Force Detection Mode” for confirming whether the magnet is detected correctly at the installed position.

Attach the magnets using the fixing holes. The fixing hole can pass through a tie up to 4.8 mm in width and 1.3 mm in thickness.

How to Use the Mounting Bracket

Align the bolt and the nut, then turn the bolt to fix LOG-1 and the mounting bracket.
You can install parallel to the mounting bracket by aligning the lug on the mounting bracket.