XON Cloud


page

① : Link for chaging languages and units.
② : Form for username and password and sign-in button.
③ : Click here to make a new account.

Main page

① : Monthly summary. From the left, activity number, total distance and total time.
② : Date. Select the month you want to see.
③ : Data for each activity. From the left, date, start time, distance and time of activity.
④ : Type of activity. There are 3 types of activity, road bike, cyclocross and other.
⑤ : Click this button to see details of each activity.

Detail page

① : Activity summary. From the top date, address and total time.
② : The riding route is displayed on the map.
③ : Altitude, temperature and air pressure are displayed.
④ : Speed, heartbeat rate, cadence and power is displayed.
⑤ : Performance graph. The horizontal axis is for time and the vertical one is for speed, heartbeat rate, cadence and power.