Firmware update


Currently the latest version is 1.0.18

How to update

  1. Launch the app and tap the menu icon.
  2. Tap the wheel icon.
  3. Tap [Device].
  4. When there is new firmware, an “i” mark will appear next to the revision number. If there’s an “i” mark, Tap [Firmware revision].


  • It takes 4 or 5 minutes to update firmware.
  • Please do not update if there is a low battery charge and do not turn RIDE-1 off during the update process.

Release notes

  • version 1.0.18 (2017.06.27)
    • Faster uploading of log files.
    • It is now possible to cancel uploading log files by pushing and holding the main button.
  • version 1.0.17 (2017.06.09)
    • Improved stability of log uploading.
    • Fixed problem with RIDE-1 Wi-Fi connection.
    • Fixed problem where RIDE-1 unit is unstable when it is used for a long time.
  • version 1.0.15
    • Initial version.