About RIDE-1




Unit operations

●Power on

Press the main button for 3 seconds, then the start-up melody will play.
The LED light will flash blue when RIDE-1 is powered-on.

●Sleep mode

Changing to sleep mode when not in use is recommended because sleep mode can save battery consumption.
During sleep mode RIDE-1 does not emit any electromagnetic signals. When transporting RIDE-1 by airplane, please enable sleep mode.

  1. Hold down the main button for more than 3 seconds.
  2. A short melody will sound and RIDE-1 will change to sleep mode.

*To cancel sleep mode, hold down the main button again for more than 3 seconds.

●Force reset

When the product does not work correctly or an abnormal action occurs, you can reset it by pressing the reset button. Firmly press the reset button using a thin, stiff object of less than 2mm in diameter. When the system reset succeeds, the start-up melody will play.

*Do not use a needle or other sharp metal objects to press the button. Doing so may cause a malfunction or an electrical short circuit.


About LED status

  • No light : sleep mode and not charging.
  • Red light : sleep mode and charging.
  • Repeating blue flash : power-on
  • Repeating double blue flash : recording activity logs or setting Wi-Fi/ANT+ connectivity.