Installation instructions


Mountable positions

RIDE-1 is mountable on both the seat tube and down tube. Install the bike mount securely, then install RIDE-1 into the bike mount with the logo visable. Please make sure to install RIDE-1 in the correct orientation, RIDE-1 may detatch during riding if installed incorrectly.


Installation instructions

  1. Select a bike mount from the 3 suppplied sizes. Check the indicated points are more than 3mm apart.
  2. Insert the rubber band into the bottom-side hooks.
  3. Attach the bike mount to the frame with the provided screws. Install bottle cages, pumps or other accessories on top of the bike mount.

Attach the main body to the mount

  1. Slide the main body onto the bike mount as pictured.
  2. Stop sliding when the bike mount stopper comes into contact with the corner of the main body.
  3. Fasten the rubber band. Check the main body does not move when the bike is shaken.

Cautions/Safety Advice

  • Before riding, turn the pedals several times to make sure they are not obstructed by RIDE-1 or its mount. If they touch, change the bike mount position.
  • Do not start riding without fastening the rubber band strap, without the strap RIDE-1 could detatch from the mount.