REC-1 app details


Connection screen

① Instructions
② Camera register button / Camera select button
Up to three cameras can be registered in the REC-1 app.
Tap [Add New Camera] to register a new camera.
After registration the name of REC-1 will be shown.
③ Thumbnail
A thumbnail is shown when REC-1 is registered.

Main screen

① Battery icon
Shows the battery status of REC-1.

② Quick settings
Album and frequently used settings are available here.
Icons will change depend on modes.
In Movie mode and Time-Lapse mode, there are album and resolution options.
Self-timer, album and resolution options are available in Shots mode.

③ REC button
Press this button to take a video or a photo.

④ Menu button
Open the settings menu.
Contents will change depending on the current mode.

Settings screen

Contents of the settings page will change depending on the current mode.

  • Frequency
    The frequency setting can improve flickering caused by light source frequency.
    Flickering could be reduced if the setting matches the local lighting frequency.
  • Continuous Shooting
    Set how many photos the camera takes when single tapping the REC button.
    REC-1 takes 1 photo when set to “OFF”, 3 with “3 photos”, 5 with “5 Photos” and 10 with “10 photos”
  • Date Stamp
    The date or date and time will be overlaid onto video or photos when “Date” or “Date & Time” is selected.
  • Upside Down
    The image that REC-1 takes will be upside-down when “ON” is selected.
  • About
    Displays the app version, firmware version and product name.
  • Change SSID
    Change SSID and passphrase.
  • Format Camera
    Initialize the SD card.
    All data on the SD card will be deleted.
  • Clear App Storage
    Delete the cache which is used when a smart phone downloads video and photos from REC-1.
  • Time Lapse Type
    Change the file format of time-lapse mode.
    The file will be saved as an image (.jpg) when “Still” is selected.
    On the other hand, video file (.mp4) will be used when “Video” is selected.
  • Time Lapse Interval
    Set an interval time for time-lapse mode.