Kinetic Visualtization
A Full HD Sports Camera


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Full HD sports camera and precise activity sensor in 1 package


REC-1 is a full HD sports camera with wireless LAN connectivity. Bundled with LOG-1, a precise external activity sensor, the combined package brings a new dimension to capturing the action. Sensor data from LOG-1 can be overlaid onto REC-1's 1080p60 video, creating a complete picture of your sports activity. For example, you can combine a first person video of your cycling or motor sports racing with acceleration, braking, turning and location data.

Micro-sized 6 axis activity sensor - LOG-1

LOG-1 is a micro--sized activity sensor, it's compact size and IPX4 equivalent water-proofing means LOG-1 is durable enough to be placed in nearly any location. Using standard CR2032 batteries, LOG-1 has a runtime of 7 days to ensure data capture from even the longest endurance events. Information such as temperature, pressure, inclination, acceleration and location are all captured by LOG-1, sensor data can then be overlaid onto REC-1's 1080p60 video, creating a complete picture of your sports activity. To record 2, 3 or 4 wheeled activities, LOG-1 can use the included magnet to record the number of tire rotations by counting the number of contacts between the sensor and magnet.

Easy handling and unbeatable wireless connectivity

REC-1 can record video at 1080/60p Full HD resolution to it's internal microSD card slot. A large slide-type recording button on the body means you easily start recording even when wearing gloves. Advanced configuration functions can be adjusted from the companion smartphone app, REC-1 can also stream live video straight to your phone via a direct Wi-Fi connection.

Added functionality across all XON devices

REC-1 connects with other XON devices such as the SNOW-1 smart snowvboard bindings, RIDE-1 smart cycling computer and ORBITREC. Activty data from each XON device can be overlaid onto REC-1 video, REC-1 can also overlay data from multiple LOG-1 sensors onto a single captured video.

REC-1 Camera Specifications

REC-1 Sensor Specifications (LOG-1)

WeightApprox. 101g
Video Recording Resolution / Frame Rate1080p/60fps
Video Compression FormatH.264
Camera Image SensorApprox. 4 Megapixels
Wireless LANIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Recording MediamicroSD
Voice RecordingStereo Microphone
BatteryReplaceable Battery
Video OutputMicro HDMI
USBMicro USB(charging/mass storage)
WaterproofingEquivalent to IPX4
WeightApprox. 28g
Internal Sensor6-axis sensor (acceleration, angular velocity,temperature, barometric pressure, magnetic)
BatteryCR2032 primary battery
USBMicro USB (HID, data capture on a dedicated app)
WaterproofingApprox. 7 days
Operating Time0.1 seconds /1.0 seconds
WaterproofingEquivalent to IPX4