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Micro-sized 6 axis activity sensor - LOG-1

Full HD Sports Camera and
a Sensor in One Package

REC-1 is a full HD sports camera equipped with Wi-Fi and is bundled with an external sensor that can be attached separately. Data from the sensor can be overlaid onto REC-1’s video, so you can enjoy visualizing sports scenes with accurate data and statistics, recording the "movement" of sports. Capture movements not normally seen by a camera, for example, the suspension of a car, the state of a bicycle's brakes or GPS position data of an event competitor.

Record and analyze every sports scene
Multifunction flexible sensor

Data such as speed, inclination and temperature are recorded by the external sensor, LOG-1. Together with the attached magnetic sensor, you can acquire the rotational speed of a bicycle crank, car tire and more. The magnetic sensor can switch between cycle acquisition mode and state acquisition mode. So it is also possible to acquire on/off information on physical switches that is difficult to acquire with an acceleration sensor alone.

Equipped with an IPX4 equivalent waterproof function for use in a variety weather conditions. LOG-1 has a tripod hole on the bottom of the main unit and can be attached to various sports devices using the bundled mounting tool or to a camera using commercially available camera mounts. LOG-1 can also be fixed to individual competitors using the included belt attachment.

Interconnectivity between action cameras and LOG-1

LOG-1 can be purchased as a single unit without REC-1, enabling you use your own sports or action camera. By using together with your action camera, you can connect the camera and sensor to a PC in the same way as when shooting with REC-1 and superimpose the acquired data on the video using the included dedicated software. Anyone can easily create a sports video with sensor data.

Full HD Sports Camera with Wi-Fi,
GPS and Remote Controls

As well as being able to shoot videos at a maximum of 1080/60p and still images, REC-1 can also stream video to a smartphone and start or stop recording remotely. So even if you attach it to a place which is difficult to reach, if you have a smartphone you can operate it remotely.

In addition, REC-1 comes with accessories that allow you to attach the camera to nearly any location you like. By attaching REC-1 to bicycle handles, helmets, car dashboards or similar, you can shoot footage from your favorite viewpoint or gain a new angle on the action.

Alongside IPX4 equivalent water-resistance for both the camera and sensor, REC-1 is equipped with a physical slide type switch to easily start recording while wearing gloves and a tubular body suitable for mounting on bikes and bicycles. The battery can be removed and exchanged while REC-1 is mounted and with built-in GPS, you can record routes and speed data even without using a sensor.

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REC-1 CameraBuy Now
WeightApprox. 101g
Video Recording Resolution / Frame Rate1080p/60fps
Video Compression FormatH.264
Camera Image SensorApprox. 4 Megapixels
Wireless LANIEEE 802.11b/g
Recording MediamicroSD
Voice RecordingStereo Microphone
BatteryReplaceable Battery
Video OutputMicro HDMI
USBMicro USB(charging/mass storage)
Water-resistanceEquivalent to IPX4
AppiOS 9+, Android 5.1+
LOG-1 SensorBuy Now
WeightApprox. 28g
Internal Sensor6-axis sensor (acceleration, angular velocity,temperature, barometric pressure, magnetic)
BatteryCR2032 primary battery
USBMicro USB (HID, data capture on a dedicated app)
Water-resistanceEquivalent to IPX4
Operating Time0.1 seconds /1.0 seconds
Continuous Recording TimeApprox. 19 hours to 7 days (depending on sampling rate setting)