The 'connected' 3D printed bike


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Check riding data at any time.
9 sensors capture your entire ride.

ORBITREC’s built in communication features include ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in addition to various sensors such as a 9-axis sensor and GPS. Unlike traditional cycle computers that only record running data, the characteristics of ORBITREC allow riding data to be shared and analyzed by linking with smartphones and the cloud. This sensors built in flame - "RIDE-1"

The frame has been manufactured by 3D printed titanium.

ORBITREC is an order-made road bike frame custom desgined for each rider. A pioneering 3D printing technology has been developed combining sintered titanium and carbon fiber tubes in order manufacture ORBITREC rapidly at a competitive cost.

ORBITREC is produced by Triple Bottom Line (designer Satoshi Yanagisawa’s design unit) DMM.make AKIBA and ABBALab. Originally developed from the concept model DFM01, ORBITREC was born from this collaboration.

Design by Satoshi Yanagisawa

Born in Tokyo, Japan 1978 Satoshi Yanagisawa has graduated University for the Creative Arts in the UK. He has worked with the internationally famous industrial designer Ross Lovegrove as his permanent studio staff, and also as a sustainable design consultant for a several national and international companies. Following those great experiences, he has opened own design studio ‘Triple Bottom Line’ in Japan.