2-1. How to setup SNOW-1


  1. Remove the rubber cover for the connector on the bottom side of SNOW-1 and insert the flex sensor cable into the connector until you hear a click. Be careful not to use excessive force when inserting the cable to avoid damaging it.
  2. Insert the cable into the cable guide notch and then reattach the rubber cover firmly.

  3. Adjust the binding to your preferred angle, centering and stance width (distance between both bindings). You may want to ask snowboard shop or other professional for your best position.
  4. Set the center disc (with screw and washer) and screw to the board firmly. Make sure the micro USB connector (for battery charging) is covered with the rubber cap.
  5. Set the sole plate (with sole plate screw) and screw to the binding firmly.
  6. Attach the flex sensor (using the included double-sided tape) to center line of the board.